Gold Camp is located in Bear Creek park in the mountains near Colorado Springs. I have some friends that live there and they know I love spooky stuff so they took me up there. This is my personal video of our experience (so there’s a little bit of “adult” language). Unfortunately, we just had a creepy guy walk towards our car but my friend has gone up there and done it before and it seems that it’s not uncommon to hear footsteps coming toward the car even if there doesn’t seem to be anyone around.

The ritual is supposed to be that you drive halfway through the tunnel (this one has a little white symbol painted on the wall), turn the car and headlights off, slam the door really hard to invite the spirits, and then wait and listen. Before we went up, my friend told me that sometimes you’ll find handprints on the car when you do this or even words/drawings that weren’t there before. I asked if the idea was that little ghost children would push your car and my friend told me I was right. It turns out, the legend is that there used to be 9 tunnels along the road but then all but three were closed. Then, a tunnel collapsed while a school bus full of children was passing through, killing everyone on the bus. So, those are the children the handprints supposedly belong to.

If you’d like to do a little reading on it, here’s a link to the Atlas Obscura page about it. Here’s the official Colorado Springs webpage for the area.

Original Tumblr Post to watch the video of my personal experience