Michigan Dogman

This cryptid was supposedly first reported in 1887, though there are some accounts of a similar creature by Odawa First Nations (according to local folklore, anyway). The above image was supposedly captured in 1961, the first physical evidence. There is also a narrative that accompanies the photo but it is difficult to find a source for it.

In 1987, a local disc jockey in Traverse City, Michigan by the name of Jack O’Malley and his producer Steve Cook created a song called “The Legend.” He played it on April 1 of that year, a tribute to the 100th anniversary of the first sighting of the beast as well as a fun little April Fool’s joke (ala The War of the Worlds in 1938). Since that initial release of the song, it has been recorded two more times (in 1997 and 2007). It may have been a joke to those who created it but listeners took it quite seriously and contacted the station with reports similar to what was described in the song. It’s a bit eerie and quite interesting if you’d like to listen to it, just for fun.

Additionally, at some point, a video called “The Gable Film” surfaced and had a pretty creepy tale attached to it, saying it was discovered during an estate sale in the 1960s. While it was filmed with 8mm film, it was simply made to look old and was in fact not authentic footage of the Dogman. On an episode (the series finale) of the show  MonsterQuest entitled “America’s Wolfman”, it was finally revealed that the film had been made by a fan of the song! Full circle, eh? Despite being fake, it is still pretty high quality and a little spooky.

So, the film wasn’t real and we have no real idea about the 1961 photo, that doesn’t dismiss all of the eyewitness accounts that came out after the release of “The Legend.” People certainly are seeing something. The question is what?

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31 Days of Horror Movies: Day 18

31 Days of Horror Movies

Day 18 | It Follows (2014)

I’ve been really excited to talk about this one!

First I want to mention the nebulous time period it is “set in.” As you’ve likely seen here and there, especially if you’ve seen this movie, the idea was intentionally to not give any real clues as to a specific time period. A lot of the settings and technology as well as the wardrobes seem a little…old? But then there is that weird little clam shell thing that the one character has and is reading something off of, like an e-reader. It’s bizarre and fun. Also, the soundtrack is pretty great. I would suggest looking into that one too!

This muddled clarity is intentional, made to feel a little like a dream–or a nightmare, really. A lot of people want to know what “it” is, but in my opinion the “it” is that sense of existential dread. Or at least, some kind of dread. I don’t doubt that within the movie, people really do get brutally murdered by some slow-moving entity that may or may not look like loved ones. It’s just meant to be terrifying, and I think it is for most people (again, it’s hard to scare me). Honestly, it took me a bit to figure out what my feelings were toward this movie but I have a positive opinion of it and I think it’s definitely going to be considered part of the horror cannon going forward. (I will warn, though, if you haven’t seen this movie there is a fair amount of sex in it.)