Ricky McCormick’s encrypted notes

Not only is Ricky McCormick’s death unsolved, there is the mystery of these bizarre notes found on his body. Codes are always interesting but it is made more noteworthy when you consider that his family went on record claiming that Ricky was only able to write his name, much less legible code. So, who created this code? It appeared that no one had any reason to murder him and the authorities were not able to determine a cause of death. Was his killer the author of the notes?

His body was found fifteen miles from his home, in a cornfield near West Alton, Missouri on June 30, 1999. This case would appear to be the sort that was open and shut, despite a cause of death or a perpetrator, considering McCormick had the kind of profile that would lead people to dismiss him, if it weren’t for these notes. Why was his body found so far from home? Why did he have the notes in his pocket? Who could have written them if not McCormick? The questions about this case are numerous and, as of 2011 when the FBI issued a request for help ciphering the notes, it remains unsolved. The page is still up, if you have any ideas on the code.

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