Body Farms

These forensics student labs are the mac-daddies of creepy America. They are associated with several universities, including the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, Western Carolina University, Sam Houston University, and Southern Illinois University. The largest of these university body farms is the 26-acre Forensic Anthropology Research Facility on Freeman Ranch that is run by Texas State University.

These facilities, while morbid and not for the light-hearted, are very valuable for the controlled ability to study and understand decomposing human corpses. All the time, these facilities help develop new and innovative methods of extracting information like time of death and death circumstances. These facilities are disturbing but invaluable.

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The Bell Witch Cave

This creepy cave, which was formed through erosion of soft rocks, is now named after the Bell Witch who supposedly haunted the Bell family. It’s named as such because the cave is on the land in Adams, Tennessee, (population of only 628) that the Bell family used to own.

The witch (who supposedly manifested as a poltergeist) that haunted the family was named Kate Batts and the main victim of the haunting was the daughter of the family, Betsy Bell.

There are multiple, multiple stories about what happened with the family—some of which are incredibly far-fetched—but, in the end, it certainly makes for a creepy site to visit.

The story of the Bell Witch also inspired the movie The Blair Witch Project.

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