Bridgewater Triangle, Massachusetts

This area in southern Massachusetts is about 200 square miles and super creepy. It seems to be a hotspot of paranormal activity and unexplained events. The name was originally attributed to the area by the paranormal researcher, Loren Coleman, in his book Mysterious America.

The area has a few landmarks of note. Obviously, the rock on the top left here is pretty interesting. It’s called (appropriately) Profile Rock, located in The Freetown-Fall River State Forest, where a good portion of the activity is reported. This activity includes a string of murders, hazardous waste dumping, and aggressive and abandoned dogs. Not to mention reported animal mutilations and (possibly related) Satanic rituals.

The stone on the bottom is known as the Dighton Rock, a 40-ton boulder (if you want an idea of how large it really is, check out this daguerreotype photo of it!)  that was actually removed from its original site in order to preserve it and install it in the Dighton Rock State Park. While we don’t really know what these petroglyphs are, there have risen a number of…interesting theories about their origins. These theories range from the most likely (First Nations people) to the far-fetched and debunked (Norse people), and a few in between including a theory that the Chinese arrived in America before Columbus did.

Hockomock Swamp is the other main area for strange occurrences. This swamp had been integral to the lives of the Wampanoag living in the area. Reportedly, the name Hockomock means “the place where spirits dwell,” though not in a creepy ghost-y way, just a very alive and active area, as a local conservation journalist, Ted Williams, wrote that it referred to “good spirits that led Indian to moose and deer.” If the sightings of Bigfoot and Thunderbird are to be believed, then that is probably a pretty accurate description! Though, it could also be in the creepy ghost-y way as poltergeists and orbs, balls of fire have all been reported. And! Let us not forget, there have also been UFO sightings.

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